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When your child is misusing substances it’s confusing, lonely and scary. This e-book provides you with insight and wisdom to help you better understand why your son or daughter is doing what they are, and how you can stay healthier through the experience.

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    I don't want another mom to go through what I did – alone, scared and exhausted.

    Brenda Zane,

    Founder, The Stream

    about brenda zane

    Brenda is a Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach, parent coach for The Partnership to End Addiction and founder of The Stream, an online community for moms of kids with substance use disorder. She is the proud momma of 4 boys, the oldest of which she nearly lost to multiple fentanyl overdoses. Brenda lives in Seattle, WA, and coaches parents globally through the difficult season of having a child who struggles with substance misuse.

    about the e-book, hindsight

    HINDSIGHT is written by a mom of an addicted child, for moms whose kids are battling substance use disorder. As a fellow warrior mom, I learned so much during the years my son was addicted to drugs and living a high-risk lifestyle. It's important for me to share pieces of what I learned with you, in the hope it might spare you some of the pain, guilt and anxiety I experienced.