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HINDSIGHT is the information I wish I'd had when my son was addicted to drugs and a living a high-risk lifestyle. I was losing my mind, sleep and sanity. If this sounds like you I hope you'll download this free, battle-tested resource for yourself.

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    I don't want another mom to go through what I did – alone, scared and exhausted.

    Brenda Zane

    Founder, The Stream

    about brenda zane

    Brenda is a Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness coach and founder of The Stream, an online community for moms of kids with substance use disorder. She is the proud momma of 4 boys, the oldest of which she nearly lost to multiple fentanyl overdoses. Brenda lives in Seattle, WA and coaches moms globally through the difficulty of having an at-risk child.

    about the e-book, hindsight

    HINDSIGHT is written by a mom of an addicted child, for moms whose kids are battling substance use disorder. As a fellow warrior mom, I learned so much during the years my son was addicted to drugs and living a high-risk lifestyle. It's important for me to share pieces of what I learned with you, in the hope it might spare you some of the pain, guilt and anxiety I experienced.